Montag, 25. August 2014

Sometimes we need to sit in the grass

Hier ein paar Fotos, die Désirée von mir geschossen hat. Ich mag die Lichtverhältnisse und die etwas düstere, aber sehr ruhige Stimmung. Wunderbar dazu passt der Songtext von: Ice Dragon "Man Sitting In A Field Of Green Grass"
Sometimes we need to sit in the grass  - Relax our minds and let the time pass

Each blade has thoughts it could tell us - But sometimes they won't because they're jealous

Let our minds separate from our flesh - We don't need them anyway

Relax a little and just take a rest - We have nothing to do today

Roots sprout from our thighs - Sitting Indian style

We've been here oh so long - We've been here quite a while
Shake the seeds out of our hair - Where they land little we's grow everywhere

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