Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Interview with Sinplus

Ivan(26), Gitarist & Gabriel(30), Sänger
Charlene und ich, sind ja wie ihr alle wisst, zwei Schwestern, die sich leidenschaftlich gerne kreativ ausleben, in welcher Form auch immer. Da ist es natürlich klar, dass wir von Sinplus, dem Schweizer Beitrag am Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku absolut begeistert waren und noch immer sind, denn...Sinplus, das ist die Band um die beiden Brüder Gabriel und Ivan Broggini aus dem wunderschönen Kanton Tessin. Die beiden sind also so etwas wie unser  männliches Gegenstück.
Obwohl sie schon seit über 10 Jahren zusammen Musik machen und verschiedene Bühnen in der Schweiz gerockt haben, nahm vor dem ESC keiner so richtig Notiz von ihnen, was in unseren Augen eine absolute Sünde ( wie passend...) und Schande war. 
Wir finden die beiden und ihre Musik einfach toll und wollten sie euch unbedingt auf eine persönlichere Art und Weise vorstellen: Ein E-Mail Interview für unseren Blog musste her! Also fragten wir einfach bei ihnen nach und da Gabriel und Ivan nicht nur geniale Musiker, sondern auch richtig coole Typen sind, haben sie unsere Fragen natürlich beantwortet:
Charlene and I are, as you all know, two sisters who are absolutely passionate about all kind of art. So it was clear that we would be extremely inspired by Sinplus, the Swiss participants at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku because...Sinplus is the band around two brothers: Gabriel and Ivan Broggini from the beautiful canton of Ticino. In a certain way they are our male counterpart. 
Even though they've been making music together for over 10 years and rocked many different stages in Switzerland, nobody cared about them before the ESC. What a sin ( how appropriate...) and shame. 
We adore them and their music and  we absolutely wanted to introduce them to you in a more personal way. We had to get an E-Mail interview! So we asked for it and because Gabriel and Ivan are not only great musicians but also really cool guys, they answered our questions:
Döid: Do you have nicknames for each other?
Gabriel & Ivan: Hi everybody...
Gabriel: So....we don't have special nicknames....Ivan use to call me "Lele" but I don't like it so much;-), that's why he keeps doing it! I use to call him "Ivan" in the russian way;-)

Döid: What's the most stupid or crazy thing you did together?
Gabriel & Ivan: No comment;-)....

Döid: What do you admire your brother for?
Gabriel: A lot of things....I mean he's great, as person and as musician.
Ivan: The all package! He's the person I rely the most.

Döid:  Do you have very different characters?
Gabriel: We're not so different....let's say that Ivan is a little bit crazier than me....I'm the wiser one;-)!
Döid: We adore your styling. Where do you get your clothes and the ideas from? Do you have a styling model?
Gabriel & Ivan: Thank you! In music business it's really important to get the right style....we're lucky 'cause our friend/styler Kiko helps us a lot! Normally we find our clothes in stores like H&M or Berschka....you don't need to spend a lot of money to be style....

Döid: Do you find time for other hobbies beside music? Do you like reading for example?
Gabriel & Ivan: Yes, sometimes;-)....we like to play tennis or sport in general. We use to play one against the other, those games are very tough...we both like to win;-)

Döid: When we checked on the internet it seems that Sinplus has been the secret favourite at the ESC 2012. Gabriel and Ivan, how do you feel now after having left such a deep impression on Europe?
Gabriel & Ivan: This was our goal....we're so glad that Europe like our music. 
Sadly we didn't reach the ESC final, but we did a good performance and people appreciated. 
We're just at the beginning of our career...now it's time to rock!!!
Döid: Has your life as musicians become much different after Baku?
Gabriel & Ivan: Yes, it has. Everything is becoming more professional. 
Now we're musicians and we got a lot of chances to improve our skills.
Before Baku nobody knew about Sinplus...

Döid: You have worked hard for over 10 years to live your dreams and both of you decided to go to university to study law, what a "double burden". Was it important for you to have a plan B?
Gabriel: I mean, it's important to get a plan B, especially for musicians. Once you got a plan B is much easier to concentrate on your music. Now we're living our dream, without pressure.

Döid: What comes first when you write your songs, the music or the lyrics?
Gabriel & Ivan: It's difficult to say....everytime it's different. It's always a long process 'til the song it's done...
Sometimes we start from a riff, sometimes from a word! We're so lucky 'cause after years working togheter we perfectly understand each other. Btw....composing is one of the best things to do for a musician.

Döid: Gabriel, you're voice has a high recall value, just like the one of Bono or Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. Did you take professional singing lessons or is it "learning by doing"? 
Ivan you have a good voice too, do you plan to sing more?
Gabriel: Thank you....they are amazing! Well, I took some singing lessons (like 10 in 10 years) but I'm definitely a singer who learned, or better, is learning by doing.
Ivan: Gabriel is the singer, but is really helpful for the band that I sing backing vocals and it is also important for a composer to be able to sing!

Döid:  Do you think "The Voice of Switzerland" is a good springboard for Swiss talents?
Gabriel & Ivan: We think that Swiss talents need more chances to get visibility and "The Voice of Switzerland is a good springboard.

Döid: Can we see you soon on stage and where are you going to play?
Gabriel & Ivan: Yes, we've already planned a lot of gigs....this month we're going to play a couple of times in Ticino and the 30th of june we're going to perform on the KKL stage in Luzern....yeah
Stay tuned and ROCK ON!!!!
The Lynch sisters like to thank the wonderful Broggini brothers for the very first interview on "Döid":
Tanze grazie per il intervista formidabile, Gabri e Ivan :-)

by Désirée Lynch


  1. die LE mit diesem Lack war März-Mai 2011 aktuell, also schon ein Jahr her. bei essence gibt es noch so ein helles Lila im Standartsortiment (erstmal bis Ende Juli) und ich denke, dass im Frühjahr die Hersteller wieder mit Pastell-Farben aufwarten.

  2. Ach, die beiden sind ja wirklich total witzig und sympatisch. Ist echt schade, dass sie nicht weiter gekommen sind... Der Song ist super! lg Tati

  3. Hey Tati, ja, das finden wir auch!!! Drücken wir ihnen einfach die Daumen, dass sie jetzt so richtig durchstarten. Lg Désirée


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